IndustryStar Webinar: Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

Gaining Greater Visibility to Thrive in an Increasingly Dynamic World


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In our connected global economy, supply chain disruptions like economic downturns (e.g., 2008 recession), geopolitical shifts (e.g., 2018 US tariffs on Chinese imports) and health pandemics (e.g., 2020 coronavirus) have an immediate impact on our businesses’ day-to-day operations. These once-in-a-decade black swan events are predictably unpredictable. Pragmatic leaders strengthen their businesses unlike reactive competitors during difficult times. As Winston Churchill once said, “Never waste a good crisis.” We aim to outline proven supply chain approaches and the latest technologies leaders are leveraging to foster more agility and profitability in good and bad economic times so you can move forward with confidence no matter what the future holds.

You'll Learn

Why Supply Chain Risk Management agile strategies, teams and software are critical to successfully navigating uncertainty
How forward-thinking companies are proactively addressing sub-tier supplier visibility to mitigate potential supply disruption risk
What actions to take to successfully navigate through the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and future economic recession
What specific skills sets, credentials, methodologies, frameworks, processes, software and tools are critical to realize results