IndustryStar Webinar: Supply Chain Execution Systems

Supply Chain Execution Systems

How Supply Performance Software Empowers Teams to Boost Company Agility & Profitability


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ERP systems capture a single linear "Plan A" that breaks as soon as variables change. Unfortunately for CEOs and supply chain leaders, most of the data that goes into forming our supply chain plans is stored in our team's memories and spreadsheets, causing costly increased workloads and analysis delays when change inevitably occurs. As leaders, we need to capture all this invaluable supply chain data and use it to make better supply chain decisions. Today’s leading manufacturers are deploying Supply Chain Execution Systems (SCES) software, sometimes referred to as Supply Execution Systems and/or Supply Performance SystemTM software, to digitize their offline data and empower their teams to drive better supply chain business outcomes. In this webinar, we'll outline this new category of purpose-built, collaborative productivity tools that are enabling teams to develop, launch and improve supply chains more quickly.

You'll Learn

Why sustainable success is determined by mapping your current state, future state, and matching the right KPIs
What to look for in Supply Execution Systems: business outcomes, payback period, and software features and functionality
How to build a Plan For Every Part (PFEP) in collaborative cloud software so you can have multiple team members accelerate lean results
How to deploy an Agile Project and Task management system that increases team productivity, visibility, and overall job satisfaction