IndustryStar Webinar: Supply Chain Digitization Strategy

Supply Chain Digitization Strategy

Developing a Practical Industry 4.0 Roadmap for Tangible Results


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Our supply chain data inputs are growing exponentially and variables are changing more frequently. At the same time, a new industrial revolution called "Industry 4.0" is gaining traction where the organizations who shine will be those that digitize their data for faster, deeper supply chain insights, unleashing new growth opportunities. The Industry 4.0 revolution also promises solutions for organizing our supply chain data found in paper forms, offline spreadsheets, and in our heads. The challenge lies in how we digitize it, and the litany of buzz words like "big data", "cloud", "automation", and "artificial intelligence (AI)" is causing many leaders to question which path to take. During this webinar, we'll discuss the factors leading to increased supply chain workloads and outline the methods forward for digitizing your supply chain, to get your company its near-term investment payback and ongoing sustainable competitive advantage.

You'll Learn

The framework for successfully transitioning offline document and spreadsheet data to collaborative cloud software
Where to start your Industry 4.0 “Supply Performance Digitization Journey” to ensure both quick wins and lasting results
What actions leaders take to compress the cost, time and risk of digitizing their data and that of their suppliers' to realize a lean extended enterprise
How to turn predictive insights into business outcomes via intelligence recommendations from artificial intelligence (AI) software