IndustryStar Webinar: Restarting Your Supply Chain

Restarting Your Supply Chain

Increasing Agility & Profitability to Thrive in a Dynamic World


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Leaders at manufacturers are in a challenging position as they look to restart operations after Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdowns. The reality, whether we like it or not, is that COVID-19 has changed us as people, and it'll change the way our customers approach business. As the US looks to fire back up its industrial economic engine, it'll do so in a different world. Therefore, we must seek out new approaches to address the way our businesses create value so that we can thrive in our new environment. Our recent business pause has given us a rare opportunity to rethink our operations so that we can change for the better. We aim to outline proven supply chain strategies and the latest technology tools proactive leaders are using to foster more agility and profitability so you can move forward with confidence.

You'll Learn

Why taking proactive action to identify, avoid and remediate supply chain risk is critical to restarting and maintaining operations
How progressive leaders are refining approaches to global sourcing, visibility and technology to thrive in any environment
What supply chain cash flow improvement and cost reduction levers are available to generate quick-win, low-risk results
What new supply chain structures enhance organizational agility and profitability to better navigate through economic recession