IndustryStar Webinar: Relaunching Your Supply Chain

Relaunching Your Supply Chain

Strategies, Tactics & Tools to Succeed in a Volatile Economic Climate


On Demand


If there's anything positive to come from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdowns most businesses are forced to comply with, it's that this hiatus provides us a rare letup from the buzz of daily operations to reflect on the risks associated with how our companies create value. We'll look back on this period in history as a turning point for leaders - those who reacted to supplier risk, and those who acted to prevent it. Stages of rapid change require predictive information so we can take swift action to win in the future. Proactively monitoring your suppliers ensures your organization will survive and prevail. In this webinar we'll cover new supply chain strategies, tactics and tools modern leaders are using to foster more agility and profitability so you can help your company thrive in our new volatile economic environment.

You'll Learn

Why it's important to prepare yourself, team and suppliers with a “marathon mindset” to enable a positive culture that better manages uncertainty
What on-demand supply chain tactics will reduce supply chain cost, time and risk, and empower supply management professionals to navigate recessions
How businesses can use mobile app technologies to maintain supply of personal protective equipment (PPE)
What low-cost tools are available to quickly identify, qualify and re-source disrupted suppliers to maintain supply