IndustryStar Webinar: New Program Launches Done Right

New Program Launches Done Right

Strategies, Tactics & Tools for Accelerating Innovation


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When sourcing all-new technology products, one challenge supply managers face is when and how to collaborate with design and engineering colleagues. New product launches offer supply management professionals an opportunity to positively impact their company’s growth. To effectively speed up innovation, we must build bridges with our cross-functional team members. Our ability to acquire early cost data from suppliers, share information with product development teams, and quickly source parts also undoubtedly shortens the timeline. In this webinar, we'll unpack proven strategies, tactics and tools that provide massive results for supply chain professionals to source new technology products faster.

You'll Learn

How to quickly change your colleagues' perception of supply management from “cost czar” to “trusted advisor” to enable a greater sourcing impact
What new agile project management software tools are available to help facilitate earlier supply chain involvement during product development
What tactics provide the best results when including suppliers earlier for both sourcing and generating greater technical product feedback
Why it's critical to include supply management team members early in product design (supported by data from academic research)