IndustryStar Webinar: Increasing Supply Chain Agility

Increasing Supply Chain Agility

How You Can Reduce Risk to Win in the Future


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In supply chain, we typically have 10 things to do with only time for two. Today, our task lists have exploded, and our supply chain data is growing exponentially and changing rapidly. Leaders are now faced with two paths forward: hire more people or become more productive. Technology advancements in cloud software - e.g., digitizing data for collaboration, APIs for automation, and AI for insights - now increase the efficiency for maintaining lean supply chains. Creating a Lean Management System 4.0 based on these technologies is the next continuous improvement step that's poised to unlock a new productivity boom. In this webinar, we'll share our Agile Lean strategy and its supporting framework, processes, and tools to boost your team’s efficiency and supply chain performance.

You'll Learn

Why digitizing our day-to-day supply chain tasks is key to unlocking new frontiers in continuous improvement
The top ten supply chain optimization issues leaders address, along with specific, real-world examples
Where to start your Industry 4.0 “Supply Performance Digitization Journey” to ensure quick-win, low-risk and sustainable cost reductions
How to utilize collaborative productivity software tools to reduce the time spent optimizing your supply chain operations to reduce costs