IndustryStar Webinar: How to Reduce Packaging, Delivery & Inventory Costs

How to Reduce Packaging, Delivery & Inventory Costs

Accelerating Continuous Improvement Results Using Plan For Every Part


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Continuously seeking to reduce costs at our plants and suppliers is a never-ending journey; however, our current global economy has leaders seeking productivity and collaboration software tools to empower teams to realize results faster. Automated Plan For Every Part (PFEP) software is rapidly gaining traction as a purpose-built continuous improvement tool to solve these challenges. Derived from lean supply chain best practices, the definitions, and requirements of a PFEP vary depending on specific needs and industry, but in general, a PFEP fosters the accurate and controlled management of commercial information. PFEP is also an essential lean tool, and when combined with quality, delivery, true cost sourcing, value stream mapping, and supplier development initiatives, can transform average supply chain operations into world-class, just-in-time lean extended enterprises. In this webinar we'll share PFEP software strategies, tactics and tools that will empower your teams to reduce packaging, delivery and inventory costs in less time.

You'll Learn

How Automated PFEP software saves time and money, and empowers your team and suppliers to realize continuous improvement results faster
How innovative leaders are partnering with cross-functional teams and their suppliers to implement PFEP, communicate and drive greater business value
Industry benchmarks and best practices to expect for reducing costs for packaging, delivery and inventory at your plants and suppliers
Whether to start internally, optimizing your plant(s) “inside your four walls”, or externally, optimizing your suppliers to see the best results