IndustryStar Webinar: How to Outsource Business Processes

How to Outsource Business Processes

Adding Flexibility While Reducing Costs Through Managed Services


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To compete globally, leaders must continuously seek ways their companies can reduce costs while increasing innovation. The outdated practice of one company trying to duplicate another’s operations - at a lower cost - is being replaced by the act of partnering with suppliers to drive creativity and to improve overall operational excellence within the value chain, outsourcing a specific activity or task to a company that can perform it better. Forward-thinking professionals are outsourcing critical parts of their business processes to supply partners with a distinctive core competency, enabling companies to take advantage of drastic improvements in not only cost, but in quality, reliability, and service.

You'll Learn

Why new product investments will require leaders to thoroughly evaluate operations to decide which to keep in house and which to outsource
How specific companies are focusing on “micro tasks” to accomplish more and increase speed to market
What outsourcing options are available, including detailed benchmarks for deployments, cost savings, and structures
How supply chain software improves visibility and enables real-time communication, making suppliers a true extension of your team