How to Build a Better Plan for Every Part

How to Build a Better PFEP

A Winning Game Plan for Enhancing Supply Chain Performance


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Plan For Every Part (PFEP) is an essential Lean tool for mapping, optimizing, and managing input data to maintain a high-performing supply chain. Leaders should expect to realize a substantial return on investment and a near-term payback when using PFEP. In this webinar, we'll share a PFEP framework, processes, and tools to boost your team’s efficiency and supply management performance.

You'll Learn

Why now is the time to digitize offline supply chain data
Supporting case studies, results and their ROI's that will aid your business case
What Automated PFEP software is and how to import part data from spreadsheets into collaborative, cloud-based environments
Which part data inputs are critical to mapping current state supply chain operations and will accelerate your optimization efforts
How using the real-time reporting capabilities of Automated PFEP empowers continuous improvement teams