IndustryStar Webinar: Elevating Supply Performance

Elevating Supply Performance

Using Technology to Free Up Time & Get More Done


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The world around us never stops evolving, so as supply management professionals we must adapt. Global economic shifts over the last decade have leaders seeking more agile technology tools to help their teams navigate this volatile economic landscape. These cloud-based, Industry 4.0 software tools allow us to unlock new frontiers into waste reduction, and they empower us to take back control of our professional and personal lives that are more virtual than ever before. Our supply chain data is growing exponentially and changing more quickly. Today, leaders are at a crossroads: hire more people or be more productive. In this webinar, we'll share strategies, tactics, and tools to boost both personal and team efficiency and, supply management performance.

You'll Learn

How digitizing your supply chain tasks with Agile productivity software helps to better balance personal and team workloads
How sharing real-time dashboards with customers and suppliers will reduce waste and facilitate realizing a lean extended enterprise more quickly
What an Automated Plan For Every Part is and how to use it to empower teams to concurrently edit BOMs and parts lists to get more done
Which operations and processes to look at to realize quick win, low risk, supply performance results, and how to create a strong Project Charter