IndustryStar Webinar: Elevating Supply Performance

Elevating Supply Performance

A Playbook for Adjusting KPIs to Drive Company Agility & Profitability


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Today's supply chains are facing unprecedented challenges. Competitiveness, sustainability and equality concerns are on the minds of all stakeholders, while labor shortages, part scarcity and supply disruptions are stretching our supply chains past their limits. At the same time, supply chain could be the one function best positioned to rethink industrial ecosystems to solve some of the world's most pressing pains. This audacious vision for the profession will require a mindset shift from “firefighting” to “flow” to focus on more impactful strategic decisions to improve our supply chains' performance. To accomplish this we'll need to embrace new work approaches, KPIs, and software technologies to enhance our productivity. In this webinar, we'll share a playbook for adjusting impactful goals to drive company agility and profitability.

You'll Learn

Why our goals have inherent bias and how reviewing and aligning on the right goals and metrics can improve workflows
How a continuous improvement mindset to our work productivity can help prioritize where to use software to digitize data and automate tasks
What practical, collaborative software tools are available and how to use them to efficiently track information, from daily tasks to annual goals
What resources are available to further accelerate your supply performance journey to accomplish your professional and company goals more quickly