IndustryStar Webinar: Distressed Supplier Risk Management

Distressed Supplier Risk Management

Purposeful Actions to Reduce Stress & Sustain Supply


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Ongoing supply chain disruptions like the 2021 microchip, resin, and fuel shortages have immediate negative impacts on our businesses’ and suppliers’ day-to-day operations. Today, employees are sacrificing more personal hours and companies are investing more resources to keep manufacturing lines running, but our current method of throwing people and money at our problems isn't sustainable. To address these issues we need bold new approaches for streamlining information flows up and down the value chain to take action faster. In this webinar, we'll discuss proven principles that, when paired with technology tools, help slash the time to implement supply chain risk mitigation strategies.

You'll Learn

Why outlining, quantifying, and aligning supplier information with availability, use, and time can reduce team workload and streamline supply chain risk management
How collaborative productivity software tools like Supply Performance Systems help teams and suppliers free up their time to focus on maintaining ongoing supply
What “carrot/stick” tactics are available to kickstart and sustain continuous improvement for underperforming suppliers
Where to use digital Site Assessment tools to better understand and stabilize current state supplier operations