IndustryStar Webinar: Developing Resilient Commodity Strategies

Developing Resilient Commodity Strategies

Agile Supplier Data Management Methods That Bend, Not Break


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Building and maintaining a healthy supply base is arguably one of the most consistent ways leaders can ensure a company’s products satisfy its customers’ requirements. A commodity strategy is an underlying tool for mapping, optimizing, and managing supplier data which supports a high-performing supply chain to facilitate that goal. Unfortunately, there are several industry pains, like storing data offline and manual interactions and exchanges, that hold our teams back from achieving exceptional supply chain results. In this webinar, we'll share proven processes, tools and tactics your teams can use to reduce the workload required to manage supplier data, freeing up time to maximize total supply chain performance.

You'll Learn

Why aligning supplier assessment levels with information levels is key to properly quantifying supply risk
How cross-functional teams can build collaborative supplier lists that reduce workloads and yield better technical and commercial results
What a Supply Performance FrameworkTM is and how it can accelerate near-term supply chain optimization and help sustain long-term performance
The fundamental elements of a robust Supplier Data Management Process that enriches data to enable teams to make more informed decisions