IndustryStar Webinar: Automotive Supplier Winning Game Plan

Automotive Supplier Winning Game Plan

Agile Strategies & Creative Solutions to Drive Peak Supply Chain Performance


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Automotive suppliers were already facing major challenges to invest in emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles in the face of slowing industry sales. Then the COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 recession happened. These crises are causing immense stresses to automotive suppliers as they work to pivot their businesses to the future while battling to endure the present. In this webinar we'll outline creative solutions for improving cash flows and reducing fixed costs, and highlight Agile supply chain strategies that will empower leaders and their teams to succeed in the future.

You'll Learn

Why changing your mindset and colleague’s perception of supply chain from “cost czar” to “trusted advisor” is critical to succeed in the new mobility landscape
How Agile supply chain strategies are empowering teams, both inside and outside the organization, to co-create disruptive products and services faster
Industry 4.0 technologies like on-demand technology enabled services, cloud computing, big data and AI that are accelerating results
What Automated Plan For Every PartTM software is and how can improve team productivity while optimizing new program cost, time and risk KPIs