IndustryStar Webinar Agile Supply Chain

Agile Supply Chain

How to Enable High Performing Teams to Accelerate Innovation


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Supply Chain is uniquely positioned to lead earlier new product and service commercial insights that not only drive more cost-effective offerings, but also co-create unique business models that enable all-new future solutions. As with other project management methodologies like Total Quality Management, Lean, Just-In-Time and Six Sigma, Agile is a mindset and not a destination. Agile doesn’t replace these proven methodologies, it simply adds tools for managing the unknown changes that haven’t historically been needed in our predictable high-volume dominated industries. In this webinar we'll outline the latest Agile Supply Chain approaches innovators are using to foster lower cost, more flexible and more scalable supply chains.

You'll Learn

Why migrating to Agile Supply Chain is critical for thriving long term as markets shift to on-demand high-mix, low-volume manufacturing
How to make the shift to an Agile Supply Chain whether starting from a white sheet of paper or transitioning a traditional organization
What an Agile Supply Chain looks like via the 5 S’s of Success
What processes and software are critical to realize the full benefits of Agile Supply Chain in less time with less stress