Agile Supply Chain Risk Management

Agile Supply Chain Risk Management

Empowering Organizational Flexibility to Succeed in a Complex World


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In a sea of pessimism there's immense hope for us as individuals and for our companies. Businesses have the power to make a positive impact on the world. The journey to this brighter future will prove challenging, but newer supply chain risk management approaches are helping us navigate our increasingly complex world. The path to economic recovery will likely be filled with supply stops and starts, but these dramatic economic shifts present rare opportunities for forward-thinking leaders to strengthen their companies while competitors struggle to adapt. In this webinar we'll highlight proven supply chain risk management strategies, tactics and tools for maintaining and improving supply in good and bad economic times so your company is prepared for whatever the future holds.

You'll Learn

Why Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) agile strategies, tactics and tools are required to successfully secure consistent supply in times of volatility
How to proactively manage supplier and sub-supplier risk, both in the short and long term in a post-COVID-19, global landscape
What actions to take to gain greater extended supply base visibility so that you can mitigate potential supply disruption risk
What resources are available to empower you, your company and your suppliers to foster a SCRM competitive advantage