IndustryStar Webinar: Agile Lean Supply Chain

Agile Lean Supply Chain

Embracing Lean Principles While Digitizing Data to Improve Performance




Proven lean business management systems such as the Toyota Production System (TPS), offer timeless principles for guiding our work; however, these systems developed in the 1970s, and proliferated at scale in the 1990s, tend to advocate for little to no technology use in their daily execution. And rightfully so, as the technology of the day did not support the real-time collaboration required to realize lean extended enterprise results. Technology advancements in cloud software - i.e., digitizing data for collaboration, APIs for automation, and AI for insights - now increase the efficiency required to maintain Lean supply chains. Embracing these new technologies to form a Lean Management System 4.0 is the next natural continuous improvement step that's poised to unlock a new productivity boom. Our specific approach combines proven Lean principles with Agile Supply Chain methods and Industry 4.0 digitization tools to form Agile Lean. In this webinar, we'll share our Agile Lean strategy and its supporting framework, processes, and tools to boost your team’s efficiency and supply chain performance.

You'll Learn

Why digitizing our day-to-day supply chain tasks is key to unlocking new frontiers in continuous improvement
The top ten supply chain optimization issues leaders address, along with specific, real-world examples
Eight steps to accelerate your continuous improvement initiatives and how Supply Performance SystemTM software helps realize results more quickly
How to utilize Automated Plan For Every PartTM to shorten the time spent on consistently optimizing supply chain operations to reduce costs