Supply Chain Performance LeaderTM Certificate

Learn the strategies, tactics, and tools to boost both personal and team efficiency and supply management performance.

  • 100% online, remote learning and exam
  • Training materials include blogs, videos, and podcasts
  • Learn and study at your own pace, take exam at any time
  • No degree, experience, or certification required
IndustryStar Supply Chain Performance Leader Certificate

Discover a practical path forward for digitizing your supply chain that provides near-term investment payback and an ongoing sustainable competitive advantage when you become a Supply Chain Performance LeaderTM (SCPL).

What You'll Learn

  • Why digitizing our offline day-to-day supply chain data is key to unlocking new frontiers in personal, team, and supplier productivity and predictive supply insights
  • Where to start your Industry 4.0 “Supply Performance Digitization Journey” to ensure both quick-win, low-risk and sustainable cost reduction results
  • The top ten supply chain optimization issues leaders address and specific, real-world examples, processes and templates to realize results faster
  • How to apply our Agile Lean FrameworkTM to transition from disconnected data to building supply performance capabilities
  • How cloud software tools like Real-Time Dashboards, Automated Plan For Every Part, Agile Project/Task Management, and Supplier Data Management can help your team reach its supply chain goals more quickly

The Exam

  • Online exam, composed of 100 questions
  • Score a minimum of 90% to become certified
  • Take the exam any time
  • Stress free retake policy
  • Receive your score instantly
IndustryStar SCPL Exam
IndustryStar SCPL Learning Resources

Learning Resources

  • 100% digital learning materials
  • Syllabus that outlines core recommended materials, and highlights additional ones
  • 1 hour of video: 5 recommended videos, 20+ additional
  • 30 recommended blogs and articles, 200+ additional
  • 6 hours of audio: 5 recommended podcasts, 50+ addtional
  • Definition of Terms
  • Online practice exam

How to Get Your SCPLTM Certification

  • Study the learning material on the syllabus
  • Take the certification exam, free of charge
  • Receive minimum score of 90%
  • Submit your one-time payment of $149
IndustryStar SCPL Exam