Supply Chain's Role in Accelerating Innovation

Supply Chain’s Role in Accelerating Innovation

How to Speed Up the Conversion from Idea to Production


August 4th, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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The global economy is undergoing an Industry 4.0 rewrite as a flood of new technologies reshape industries, from automotive to consumer products. To find out what purposeful actions leaders can take to accelerate new product innovation during these evolving times, we conducted an academic research study on supply chain’s role in accelerating New Product and Service Development (NPSD), surveying over 250 professionals across 25 industries. In this webinar, we’ll share this groundbreaking research which has been cited in the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Association for Supply Management Professionals (ASCM), and Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), among others. Further, we’ll outline specific strategies, tactics, and tools leading corporate innovators are taking to boost their team’s collaboration and execution efficiency to accelerate product time to market.


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During this free webinar, you’ll learn:

How digitizing our non-repetitive supply management tasks with Agile productivity software frees up time to invest elsewhere

How using real-time dashboards to collaborate with cross-functional teams and suppliers shortens execution times

What Automated Plan For Every Part software is and how it facilitates de-risking the transition of ideas to production

Where to start your “Supply Performance Digitization Journey” and what new product launch metrics offer the best path to realize results more quickly