How to Level Production Schedules

How to Level Production Schedules

Taming the Bullwhip Effect for Multistep Processes More Quickly


January 26th, 2022
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


4370 Varsity Dr. STE A
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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Manufacturers of complex product assemblies often run much of their day-to-day production scheduling on labor intense spreadsheets. Unfortunately, scheduling has gotten more complicated when considering ever changing external variables such as labor and supply shortages. Today, small changes to variable data inputs in your production schedule can add up to large costs or cost savings quickly.

Excitingly for supply chain leaders, the “virtual walls” we’ve placed around production scheduling software to categorize systems are fading away. Today, software can create recommended production schedules that consider thousands of variables and recommend the most efficient plans.

Newer eProduction Schedules involve cloud native applications that empower multiple users to create, execute, and automate real-time internal intelligent production scheduling for more agile supply chain management.

In this class, we’ll outline eProduction Schedule strategies, tactics, and tools your team can use to gain more daily workflow to improve your supply performance results.


In-Person or Virtual
(Virtual Video Meeting Conference Information provided upon purchase)

Class Structure

Interactive presentations, software demonstrations, and real-world case studies to outline strategies

Hands-on team exercises utilizing Lego blocks to experience processes and reinforce concepts

Physical demonstrations of optimizing Production Schedules with small scale models of complex assemblies, parts, work in process, equipment, and tooling to demonstrate tools

Individual, one-on-one time with trainer to discuss your company opportunities and challenges to accelerate results


Expect to Learn

Why mapping supply chain data, calculations and information flows is a critical first step to move from firefighting to flow with eProduction Schedules

How to set up, optimize, and automate Production Schedules for finished goods, work in process, and requirements for parts and raw materials

What equipment, tooling, and process data aligns with which variables, formulas, and actions to accelerate various supply chain target conditions

Where manual tasks and calculations in spreadsheets can be automated to boost production schedulers productivity and results