How to Deploy Kanban Systems

How to Deploy Kanban Systems

Enabling Teams to Pull Value to Customers More Efficiently


January 19th, 2022
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


4370 Varsity Dr. STE A
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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The Kanban system is a bellwether lean tool for manufacturers to ensure they receive the right part at the right time. Kanban has proven invaluable as a self-regulating pull system that requests parts only when needed via card pull signals; however, as our products and environment have become increasingly complex, our manual linear supply chain systems are breaking.

Although effective, Kanban, and the Kata mindset required to optimize value creation are equally misunderstood. eKanban software is gaining traction as a practical tool to dramatically increase both physical and information flow visibility. Second, supply chain velocity can be positively impacted as earlier supply information enables adjustments that ensure ongoing manufacturing flow. Lastly, volume can be increased using bar code and smart labels and scanners that track a wider range of information, reduce physical scans, and enable dynamic routing changes.

In this class, we’ll outline Kanban strategies, tactics and tools to help you reduce your supply chain management workload, stress and costs, in less time.


In-Person or Virtual
(Virtual Video Meeting Conference Information provided upon purchase)

Class Structure

Interactive presentations, software demonstrations, and real-world case studies to outline strategies

Hands-on team exercises utilizing Lego blocks to experience processes and reinforce concepts

Physical demonstrations of Inbound and Outbound Receiving Kanban Board with real parts, containers, and Kanban Cards to demonstrate tools

Individual, one-on-one time with trainer to discuss your company opportunities and challenges to accelerate results


Expect to Learn

Why deploying pull systems are critical to establishing target conditions that enable waste to be identified and continuously improved

How to setup and optimize Kanban Systems for internal inventory management and external inbound parts delivery and sequencing, including standard packs, pull signals and reorder periods

What data, variables, formulas, and actions align with various supply chain target conditions, from inventory cost reduction to lead time compression

Where Kanban can best be applied in or outside of your organization to realize your desired supply chain outcomes