We Need Your Help to Join the Fight Against COVID-19

If you're a healthcare system that needs medical supplies, supplier manufacturing medical supplies and/or supplier striving to manufacture medical supplies, please share this page.

A growing number of Michigan based companies and organizations, including: IndustryStar, First in Michigan, May Mobility, RCO Engineering and Pratt & Miller among others, have combined resources to form a “COVID-19 Arsenal Consortium” to produce and supply critical medical supplies to healthcare systems to better battle and ultimately defeat COVID-19.

If you would like to join this consortium and/or support in any way, please contact us directly at (734) 794-3072 or info@industrystar.com.


During our recent meetings, medical supply product and software needs were identified and outlined below. To aid in our collective fight against COVID-19, IndustryStar, has made available, at no cost, our supply chain software systems, which address the below identified critical COVID-19 supply chain needs:

  1. Connect hospital information systems medical supply needs to manufacturers’ supply capabilities
  2. Aggregate hospital medical supply orders, track inventory and forecast demand
  3. Enable hospitals to easily order approved standardized medical supplies (e.g., n95 masks, respirators, etc.)
  4. Empower hospital medical staff to track order statuses, supply shipments, lead times and costs

Medical Supply Needs

If your company has any of the below items, we’d greatly appreciate your donation, which can be a helpful tax credit during these recessionary times, so please consider this option.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): gloves, masks, suits
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Blankets
  • Cots
  • Pillows
  • Water
  • Food (non-perishable)

Communication and awareness of medical supply needs and supplier manufacturing capabilities are current major challenges. To further attack these challenges head on, IndustryStar’s Supply Chain Solutions team is mapping medical supply needs to manufacturer supply capabilities to accelerate the matching of needs with supply. We also appreciate that many organizations are facing financial difficulties, so our team is available to purchase these items from your company and arrange for pickup and delivery.

If you know of manufacturers with capabilities that could address current medical supply needs please contact us and our team will add them to the growing supply base of world-class organizations making an impact.

Once again, to join this consortium and/or support in any way, please contact us directly at (734) 794-3072 or info@industrystar.com.

We're stronger together and we'll get through this.

Onward & Upward,

William Crane
Founder & CEO