calendar_today Aug 17, 2015 person William Crane label Procurement

When considering where to build your supply base, source components, and source finished products, the prevailing idea seems to be that domestic sourcing allows for better quality control and shorter time to market, while international sourcing is cheaper. Both of these facts can be true, which can make it difficult deciding when to choose one over the other and these oversimplifications may lead to poor strategic decisions.

calendar_today Jul 20, 2015 person William Crane label Manufacturing

With the ability to print in a variety of complex shapes and materials in significant volumes, 3D printers expand the horizons for several industries.

calendar_today Jun 15, 2015 person William Crane label Logistics

As the global supply chain landscape changes, new opportunities will arise. It will be essential for high growth technology companies to have the necessary infrastructure to take advantage of to these rapidly expanding markets.

calendar_today Jun 1, 2015 person William Crane label Strategy

Supply Chain professionals at early stage ventures and high growth technology companies face unique challenges compared to their peers at large, established Fortune 1000 companies. It is true that many of the same best practices apply but it is often the application of these best practices where many professionals stumble.

calendar_today May 4, 2015 person Tony Lancione label Supplier Development

By definition, a “supplier” is a party that supplies goods or services. In supply chain management, the term “supplier” is used frequently. When a buyer and/or company is looking for the supply of goods or services, one should always choose the party that offers more than just that particular good or service.