calendar_today Feb 25, 2020 person Andy Tankanow label Procurement

Procurement departments should clearly define a mutually agreed upon approach to calculating cost avoidance with other departments such as finance and corporate leadership to fully realize its value.

calendar_today Feb 20, 2020 person Jonathan Luthy label Strategy

The supply chain becomes exponentially complex as production volumes grow, so we recommend following these four steps when increasing production from low to mid volume.

calendar_today Feb 17, 2020 person Justin Coffin label Product Development

Engaging your supply chain team earlier in the new product development process to help lead design decisions will help reduce your product’s cost, timing and risk.

calendar_today Feb 14, 2020 person Chris Walling label Strategy

In a world where it’s difficult to predict project outcomes, it pays to have a diverse project portfolio to offset projects that end up underperforming expectations.

calendar_today Feb 6, 2020 person Jonathan Luthy label Strategy

Startup founders and employees find themselves getting asked questions about their supply chain daily, whether it’s coming from potential investors, partners, job candidates or other team members, and the ability to answer those questions with confidence can set a company apart from its competitors.

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