calendar_today May 2, 2021 person William Crane label Strategy

Most of the pre-production supply chain work at automotive Tier I suppliers is completed manually in spreadsheets, limiting visibility, and increasing labor costs and delays. Collaborative productivity software will eliminate these manual offline processes to facilitate better information flows between cross-functional team members throughout your organization.

calendar_today Apr 11, 2021 person Chris Walling label Strategy

Using your supply chain capabilities as a tool to increase customer satisfaction while controlling costs is a great way to differentiate you from your competitors, increase customer loyalty, and sustain long-term revenue growth.

calendar_today Mar 6, 2021 person William Crane label Strategy

Are your current KPIs legacies from the past? Do your current KPIs enable your company goals? We need to be purposeful with the KPIs we choose to track and prioritize.

calendar_today Feb 27, 2021 person William Crane label Continuous Improvement

Better information leads to better decision making, so building a better Plan for Every Part will significantly reduce the time it takes to develop, launch, and continuously improve your product supply chains.

calendar_today Jan 11, 2021 person William Crane label Supply Chain Risk Management

As leaders look intently at 2021 and beyond, they’ll do so with an added appreciation for the ability of their supply chains to weather storms on multiple fronts. Updating your commodity strategy to mitigate more risk will be a critical building block.