calendar_today Sep 12, 2021 person William Crane label Strategy

To alleviate today’s workload pains, we need to approach the seemingly endless cycle of firefighting in different ways. Better, faster decision making based on actionable information will help us track and adjust our KPI metrics so we can focus our time and energy more on what’s needed to work toward achieving our desired organizational goals.

calendar_today Aug 12, 2021 person William Crane label Strategy

Identifying and eliminating waste is something supply chain professionals have a strong track record in doing, and supply chain’s influence on the value chain uniquely positions the profession to make significant impacts. It’s our time to enable profound positive change that can bring about a brighter path forward.

calendar_today Jul 17, 2021 person William Crane label Continuous Improvement

When working in tandem with supply chain automation to augment task execution, supply chain professionals will save more time performing less critical tasks, experience more balanced workloads, and see significant productivity gains.

calendar_today Jun 29, 2021 person William Crane label Continuous Improvement

Our complex supply chains and products require two-way, real-time information flows between buyers and suppliers. Add agility into your level scheduling to improve visibility and reduce waste to drive better business outcomes.

calendar_today May 2, 2021 person William Crane label Strategy

Most of the pre-production supply chain work at automotive Tier I suppliers is completed manually in spreadsheets, limiting visibility, and increasing labor costs and delays. Collaborative productivity software will eliminate these manual offline processes to facilitate better information flows between cross-functional team members throughout your organization.