Category: Supplier Development

calendar_today Jan 30, 2017 person Tony Lancione label Procurement

Teach your team to develop suppliers by analyzing the total cost of ownership, identifying and maintaining supplier performance metrics, and developing strategic partnerships through transparent communication.

calendar_today Jan 23, 2017 person William Crane label Supplier Development

When leveraged as part of a supplier development program, supply base optimization can dramatically speed up the implementation and improve the performance of lean supply chain initiatives.

calendar_today Oct 31, 2016 person William Crane label Supplier Development

Due to the immense resources required to bring complex products to market on a global scale, supply chain professionals must foster earlier and closer supply-partner relationships to stimulate the intimate collaboration needed to realize the mutual value that can be created from lean extended-enterprise concepts.

calendar_today Oct 3, 2016 person Sime Curkovic label Quality

Facilities that see ISO registration as an opportunity to improve Quality Assurance (QA) and supply chain integration of quality standards will support a more effective supply chain.

calendar_today May 4, 2015 person Tony Lancione label Supplier Development

By definition, a “supplier” is a party that supplies goods or services. In supply chain management, the term “supplier” is used frequently. When a buyer and/or company is looking for the supply of goods or services, one should always choose the party that offers more than just that particular good or service.