Category: Quality

calendar_today Nov 9, 2017 person Justin Coffin label Quality

Build a value stream map for your product to visualize the flow of information and materials, eliminate waste, and identify value-adding opportunities in the process.

calendar_today Jul 28, 2017 person Sime Curkovic label Quality

Customer requirements and expectations have changed as a result of industry trends, so pursuing quality dimensions important to your customer will lead to better organizational performance, especially if the dimensions aren’t being targeted by other firms.

calendar_today May 2, 2017 person Justin Coffin label Quality

Understanding the current COQ required to provide the customer with a product or service that meets expectations allows an organization to strategically pinpoint and eliminate waste associated with internal and external failures, resulting in a leaner, more profitable operation.

calendar_today Mar 6, 2017 person William Crane label Continuous Improvement

Implement the DMAIC continuous improvement framework to reduce inefficiencies, solve supply chain challenges, and improve bottom-line profitability across your organization.

calendar_today Oct 3, 2016 person Sime Curkovic label Quality

Facilities that see ISO registration as an opportunity to improve Quality Assurance (QA) and supply chain integration of quality standards will support a more effective supply chain.