Top-10 Supply Chain Blogs

Top-10 Supply Chain Blogs

“Every NASCAR driver watches Formula One in the morning; they are well informed.”
Mario Andretti

Being a leader in the supply chain industry means using every tool at your disposal, making smart decisions, and consistently executing to the best of your ability. This starts by being informed of, and staying up to date on, industry trends and news headlines, especially those relevant to your sector, whether your focus is motorsports or consumer packaged goods.

Supply chain blogs facilitate this type of awareness with relevant information from fellow professionals and industry scholars who provide unique perspectives, examples, and solutions on a given topic or news story for readers to use to improve their personal performance, in addition to that of their organizations.

Below are 10 supply chain blogs we recommend (in no order) for industry professionals at any level, with the hope that readers can apply the content to any part of their professional lives, from improving product design processes to making interdepartmental communication more effective.

1. Supply Chain MIT

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics provides readers with thought leadership on a variety of supply chain topics including resilience, strategy, security, sustainability, and transportation. The blog also covers humanitarian issues and how different aspects of the supply chain support disaster recovery and disease prevention.

2. Supply Chain 24/7

As one of the larger online business resources available for all things supply chain, Supply Chain 24/7 is a digital news magazine that publishes content on a near-daily basis. Subject matter is curated from multiple publications, ranging from news stories and op-eds to webcasts and white papers.

3. Supply Chain Management Review

The Supply Chain Management Review models itself after the Harvard Business Review, sharing news articles, feature columns, and case studies contributed by academic professors and industry experts. Likewise, its blog section and corresponding posts are published by supply chain management, logistics, procurement, and software technology leaders and researchers.

4. Supply Chain Matters

Brought to you by Bob Ferrari, a 2014 Supply Chain Power Influencer on Twitter, Supply Chain Matters provides readers with educational and insightful content about global supply chain business and technology optimization based on decades of personal experience.

5. Supply Chain Trend

Business performance consultant, global supply chain management expert, and author Niels Van Hove shares a wealth of sales and operations planning, and supply chain knowledge on his blog, Supply Chain Trend.

6. Logistics Management

Clearly tailored for readers interested in logistics equipment, services, and technology, Logistics Management publishes logistics and supply chain news, industry research, and educational webcasts for transportation and distribution professionals taking on modern logistics challenges.

7. Supply Chain Cowboy

On his blog Supply Chain Cowboy, Alex Fuller looks to help smaller-sized businesses “tame the wild west” of their supply chains, offering insight from first-hand experience and lessons-learned as a logistics manager and process improvement engineer. Consistently covered topics include inventory management, company culture, innovation, and lean operations and process improvement.

8. Supply Chain Network

The Supply Chain Network is exactly that, a network, designed to connect readers with meaningful information and ideas. Facilitated by logistics and supply chain veteran Jeff Ashcroft, the blog publishes fresh content monthly, including contributed articles from guest authors and other supply chain bloggers.

9. Supply Chain Management Research

The SCM Research blog consists primarily of research-focused material aimed at academics and professionals in the supply chain space. Blog posts are curated by the principal editor, Dr. Andreas Wieland, and cover topics including supply chain methodology, practice, research, teaching, and theory.

10. Supply Chain Station

Supply Chain Station strives to be a major online resource for supply chain, distribution, and procurement professionals. The digital magazine shares prudent thought leadership and innovative solutions with the mindset of helping its readers make important decisions.

We hope these leading blogs provide you with periodic insights that allow you to tackle your most pressing supply chain challenges.