Our Mission

Our Mission

IndustryStar’s Mission

As our first blog post I thought we would take a page from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” and start with IndustryStar’s mission. Simon’s book and his associated TED talk are both very inspiring and I’d encourage anyone launching a new product or company to check them out. At IndustryStar our “Why” is that we are passionate about bringing innovative disruptive technologies to market that will have a positive impact on the world.

Why We Created IndustryStar

After years in various supply chain roles at companies and startups I realized the amount of commercial challenges these organizations face to bring new products to market. We launched IndustryStar to partner with growing companies to level the supply chain playing field and assist them in bringing their ideas to reality.

Looking Forward

Our intent is to do our small part to aid in bringing disruptive technologies to market and add to the growing innovative ecosystem in our home, Ann Arbor and more broadly the US and global community. We welcome your topic ideas, feedback and look forward to future conversations. We hope this blog provides you and your organization with actionable supply chain insights for taking products from prototype to mass production, while making a positive impact. Onward!