Eric Hansen

Product Marketing Director
ThermoFisher Scientific

IndustryStar’s Turnkey Product Commercialization generated a substantial ROI supporting an exciting all new consumer product from concept to production.

Edwin Olson

Founder & CEO
May Mobility

IndustryStar is saving us 18% on every autonomous vehicle we build, and has reduced our FTE costs by $170k per year. Working with IndustryStar has reduced May Mobility's time-to-market, and made us more efficient at the same time.

Alan Laing

RHEIA Comfort Logo

IndustryStar’s on-demand managed services, “Supply Chain as a Service,” is saving us $2.5M in fixed software, tooling and component costs, and has reduced our people FTE costs by $207K per year. Working with IndustryStar has also accelerated our time-to-market by six months and made us more agile to attack market changes head on.

Steve Saleen

Founder & CEO
Saleen Automotive

IndustryStar coordinates our end to end supply chain from procurement to logistics to inventory to forecasting. Leveraging their people and technology, we got our S1 Cup Car and S1 Super Car to market in record time while maximizing profitability. Working with them is giving us a competitive advantage.

Shawn Adelsberger

General Manager

The IndustryStar team made a tremendous impact in only their first week of support. Their on-demand "Supply Chain as a Service" business model was invaluable in cost-effectively assisting us with plant launch readiness for several complex, all-new assemblies at a brand new plant.

Tony Ehrbar

Owner & CEO
American Tent Logo

The IndustryStar team are great people, their culture is one of servant leadership and collaboration. Frankly – they make traditionally painful supply chain work easy and enjoyable. As small manufacturers, like American Tent, strive to grow, in a more dynamic fast paced global world, we need to embrace newer Industry 4.0 approaches i.e. technology enabled managed services like IndustryStar, to enhance how we create value for our customers. IndustryStar’s on demand Supply Chain as a Service is a true embodiment of newer more agile ways of accomplishing supply chain work. Our partnership with IndustryStar has empowered our company with greater agility and profitability enabling us to develop a sustainable supply chain competitive advantage.

Ed Johnson

Director, Global Supply Chain

IndustryStar has exceeded expectations with their timeliness of information, prompt follow up to inquiries and structured report-outs.

Michael Kurley

Co-Founder & CEO

IndustryStar’s partnership reduced our product development and launch risk by providing us a step change in supply chain and manufacturing experience and expertise.

Michael Doherty

VP Global Supply Chain
Means Industries

William and the IndustryStar team are a rare blend of supply chain practitioners and software technology experts that has proven invaluable as we strive to elevate our global organizational capabilities. We are early on in our Industry 4.0 supply chain digitization journey but regardless of where our path leads, I am confident that the IndustryStar team will help us get there more quickly. If you are serious about driving supply chain performance results partner with IndustryStar.

Kris Houghton

VP, Engineered Solutions
Pratt & Miller

IndustryStar’s on-demand supply chain support provided rapid response capabilities for several production programs which generated a substantial ROI while meeting cost, schedule, quality, and risk management targets.

Nezar Akeel

Founder & CEO

IndustryStar’s powerful software and supporting services team helped us create a Plan for Every Part which was an invaluable component to a comprehensive and credible plan for success and positioned us well for investor funding.

Grey Parker

Sundberg-Ferar Logo

IndustryStar has been a complimentary and valuable strategic partner. Their unique blend of entrepreneurial backgrounds and industry experience in supply chain and manufacturing fills a critical void in our product development methods by bringing supply chain insights forward into ideation processes. This enables an efficient and effective development services package that executes quality deliverables from idea to product launch. IndustryStar makes traditionally messy “new product commercialization operations” easy with their on-demand Supply Chain as a Service model that scales from prefunded disruptive startups to established corporate innovators.

Chris Kondogiani


IndustryStar's expertise and interactions with our suppliers are great – it’s as if we added a whole department of A-players who just know how to get the job done.

Nathan P. Morehouse

Berceau A Sac

The transition from prototype to practical manufacturability via IndustryStar’s far reaching network, enabled our company to achieve insights into our product from a competitive design strategy in guaranteeing long-term success.

Mike Donoughe

Board Member

IndustryStar ran a pilot project for PROTERRA to demonstrate the savings they could generate for a couple of commodities – they generated a 15% savings for stampings and a 25% savings for wiring harnesses.